Faculty is our most precious resource and one of the pillars on which the institution stands. All the members have impeccable qualification, extensive expertise and experience in their specialized fields and overwhelming commitment, dedication towards their work. The involvement of the teaching staff goes far beyond academics and influences every aspect of campus life. In addition, they guide and mentor students in the academics, research, sports, and cultural pursuits. This atmosphere of inspired teaching and engaged learning fosters close bonds between the faculty and the students' community. Every teacher takes responsibility to provide the best of their knowledge. In all the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, the members of staff play a pivotal role in guiding, encouraging and motivating students.

1 Sri. V. Sivaram M.Sc,B.Ed Principal 19
2 Sri. A. Ramaraju S M.Sc,M.A(Edn) Mathematics 19
3 Sri P. A.Satyanarayana M.Com,B.Ed Commerce 16
4 Smt. A. Baby Rani M.Com , Commerce 16
5 Sri K. Satyanarayana Reddy M.A,M.Phil Telugu 15
6 Sri Y.Gopala Krishna MCA,M.Sc Computer Science 10
7 Sri MastanValli MCA Computer Science 11
8 Sri. G.Srihari M.Sc Physics 4
9 Smt. K.Jhansi M.Sc,B.Ed Mathematics 4
10 Smt M. Sanjeeva Ratnakumari M.A English 4
11 Sri K. Muttayya B.Tech Commerce 4
12 Sri R. Naga Babu M.Com., B.Ed., Commerce 8
13 Sri. P. Rama Krishna M.Com Commerce 3
14 Smt K. Rajeswari M.Sc Botany 9
15 Sri C. Salmanraju M.Sc Chemistry 06
16 Smt M.Raju M.Sc,B.Ed Botany 6
17 Sri. P. S. V. S.Kumar M.A,B.Ed,M.B.A English 18
18 Miss G. Vijaya Kumari M.Sc Zoology 1
19 Sri SD. Mahabooli M.Ped PD 03
20 Smt S. Leela Bhavani M.C.A Computer Science 10
21 Smt B.S.L. Kumari M.Sc Mathematics 16
22 Smt P.Subba Lakshmi M.Sc Chemistry 3
23 Miss CH.Yashoda M.Sc Chemistry 3
24 Smt N. Satyavathi M.Sc Telugu 4
25 Sri V.Satish M.A,B.Ed English 16
26 Smt K. Sarada M.A English 12
27 Sri M.Veera Krishna M.Com,APSET,MBA,APSET(P.hD) T & P Officer 4
28 Sri P. Leela Kumar M.B.A Exam Cell Incharge 4
29 Sri A.Subrahmanyam B.A Office 4